Smart Defrag
Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag for Windows

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Latest Version Smart Defrag for Windows (Version 6.6.5)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product IObit Lab

Smart Defrag (2021 Latest) Download for Windows 10/8/7/XP | Smart Defrag is a clever disk tool with its specialized task to defrag hard drive for much more optimized system performance. A fragmented hard drive leads to a rather problematic nature when the system accesses the hard drive. Thus, it is recommended to always do hard drive defragmentation regularly with great software for that like this one.

This application is another decent product created by IObit. Just like many other programs from IObit, this one comes with both the free version and the paid or pro version. The pro version is recommended for advanced users who need a much more serious computing optimization.

On the other hand, the free version will already be enough for mainstream users. It will greatly help rearrange and manage the space management of hard drive in any system. That will eventually lead to a streamlined performance of the system because a hard drive is a place to store everything.


Think of the hard drive as a cabinet where many things are stored. Commonly, things are not put back to its previous place when returning them to the cabinet after use, right? That is the thing called fragmentation in a hard drive. This application rearranges things for quicker access to them.

Smart Defrag defragments hard drive by incorporating multi-threading technology for a better outcome. This is done by rejoining files that have been written in different locations in the hard drive. They will then be returned to the proper space available in the hard drive for faster access to them.

This application can be used to deal with fragmentation on the traditional type of hard drive as well as SSD for a more modern device. Because everything in a computer system is stored in the hard drive or SSD, faster access to them means faster of everything that includes gaming as well.

In addition to the standard defragmentation done by this application, it is capable of defragmenting system files as well. It is done by the application upon starting or booting up Windows. This feature is known as the Boot-time Defrag. It is needed because system files are inaccessible by applications once the system is on.

Here are some screenshots and features of Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag for Windows Smart Defrag for Windows Smart Defrag for Windows Smart Defrag for Windows

The Pro version which is the pain one comes with better defragmentation to guarantee a 200% faster performance of any device with it installed there. The default defragmenter on Windows is certainly incomparable with this Smart Defrag from IObit.