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- 1024 KB - Freeware
It will not take a long time to create a great video within five minutes using InVideo for Windows. Making videos can be super...
Blizzard Battle.net Desktop
- 4.84 MB - Freeware
Are you looking for an app that can install, patch, and launch all Blizzard games from one app? If that is the case, Blizzard...
- 1024 KB - Freeware
SaveFrom.net helper is the solution for those who love downloading music or video from multimedia hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, VK, Dailymotion, and...
- 1.4 MB - Freeware
If you work a lot with your computer, you might need a tool that can keep tracking the state of your device’s components. With...
- 247 MB - Open Source
Eclipse SDK for Windows is the most used Java programming platform that contains a base workspace. It is an IDE or Integrated Development Environment....
- 105 MB - Open Source
Scribus for Windows is a recommended option for those of you who are searching for free publishing software. This software makes a great alternative...
- 3.4 MB - Freeware
DS4Windows for Windows gives you a different gaming sensation while using a DualShock 4 or PlayStation 4 controller on your Windows PC. The way...
- 19.5 MB - Open Source
HandBrake for Windows is multi-platform video compressing software. It is free, open-source tool that supports any format to a selection of modern codecs. With...
- 22.7 MB - Open Source
One of the most popular game consoles is PPSSPP. PPSSPP is a game emulator that can be used to play portable games. You can...
Mendeley Desktop
- 53.1 MB - Freeware
Mendeley Desktop is a social network to meet researchers worldwide. Mendeley Desktop for Windows is free to download. It becomes a place for over...