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Google Duo
- 64.84 MB - Freeware
Technology advancement makes it possible to stay connected with your loved ones even when you are apart. With a smartphone, now you can see...
Android Messages
- 101.18 MB - Freeware
Google recently announced the development of its latest project. Named Android Messages. Yeah, the Android Messages for Android is intended for smartphone users where...
- 80.1 MB - Freeware
Discord is initially made to support communication among gamers. Nevertheless, the use of this text and voice chat app is getting wider. Even many...
Free GBWhatsapp APK for Android
- 47.09 MB - Freeware
GBWhatsapp APK (2021) for Android Download Latest Version | WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app offered for Android as well as various other...
imo messenger
- 11.44 MB - Freeware
One of recent applications for sending and receiving messages with voice and video calls is Imo Messenger for Windows. Imo is a kind of...
- 67.6 MB - Freeware
Discord is a special platform designed for gamers. It is a cross-platform app to deliver voice and text chat services. Discord for Windows is...
Gmail APK
- 85.3 MB - Freeware
You may already be familiar with Gmail APK for Android. It is an essential program for Android users. Besides, this simple app offers you...
Messenger Desktop
- 2 MB - Freeware
Messenger for Desktop for Windows is an unofficial version of Facebook Messenger. You can install it for free without any subscription. It has freeware...
- 102.37 MB - Freeware
The usage of Viber for Windows in everyday life can always give people lots of benefits, because of some great functions that make you...
LINE Free Calls Messages for Android
- 94.46 MB - Freeware
Nowadays, LINE is more flexible by launching LINE for Windows. As a result, users can’t only use this messenger app via Android, iPhone, Windows...