EasyBCD for Windows

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Latest Version EasyBCD for Windows (Version 2.4)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product EasyBCD

EasyBCD for Windows is free software that mainly functions for booting setup. The software was developed by Neosmart Technology and it has some features like adding the boot menu and also uninstalling it. That’s why, if you want to install an operating system, you can use this app as the booting management.

Indeed, some computing devices may have their own booting activities including the dual boot. You can see it during the starting process. When the computer is turning on, you can choose the operating system to use. But if your computer is not, don’t worry, this is how EasyBCD is developed. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy some interesting features as follows.

EasyBCD for Windows
EasyBCD for Windows

Table of Contents


Boot Configuration

As has been mentioned above, the main function of the software is to configure the booting system of the computer. It means the users can freely do the operating system setup, which one of the OS to use as the main choice. With the help of the boot configuration, you can also avoid problems like miss-booting or the error dual booth system.

Changing the Default OS

EasyBCD download for Windows also works to change the default OS. If you want to display another operating system on your computer clearly, you can simply do it with the software. To do it, you can just go to the setting and select the changing menu.

Therefore, booting is done only with one OS. It is likely another OS is not installed on your computer. The presence of the other OS is only detected when you go to the partition setting. Yes, for this set menu, it only works for the same OS. Particularly if you use Linux and Windows, the partition system is locked and it cannot be opened. It is because of the different formats from one OS to another.

A Solution for the Bootloader Timeout

There is a possibility that the bootloader is a timeout after installing a new OS. It causes the user tonot access the first installed OS. As a solution, you can install EasyBCD and go to the old OS. Next, set the OS by showing the dual boot in line with the installed OS. It stops the bootloader timeout. Besides, you can also change the OS anytime you want.

Aside from those that have been mentioned above, there are still many more features of EasyBCD to use. It helps you to delete OS from the boot list, diagnose problems on your computer, and many more. So, make sure to get EasyBCD free download here.|