Windows 11 ISO
Windows 11 ISO

Windows 11 ISO Download

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Latest Version Windows 11 ISO Download (2021 Latest)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 11 32 / Windows 11 64
Author / Product Microsoft Corporation

In July 2021, Microsoft officially launched its newest operating system, Windows 11 ISO. It is the successor of the previous version, Windows 10 that has been available for around 6 years.

Of course, some upgrades and new features are seen in this latest version of Windows. Microsoft also provides a new display that looks more beautiful and elegant. It may just make you more motivated to do your jobs even more. So, for the new features, what are they?

Windows 11 ISO Download
Windows 11 ISO Download

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Personalization Across All Devices

If previously it may be a little bit difficult to connect a smartphone to your computer, this problem is no longer experienced in Windows 11. Yes, you only need to synchronize all the devices you have with a note that those devices are connected to the internet.

This feature makes the activity of copying or moving one file to another much simpler. There is no need to do them one by one that causes you to waste your time.

The Dark Mode Feature

After many programs on smartphones provide the dark Mode feature. Now, this is time for Windows on the computer. Turning the default mode to the dark mode is also very easy. There is a control in the lower control where you can just click it to change the mode.

However, this feature can only be accessed on some devices. It is only available on the 64 Byte version. In other words, to use Windows 11 particularly this feature, make sure your device has quite high specs.

The Fingerprint Security System

The next benefit if you do Windows 11 ISO free download is enjoying the fingerprint security system. The system is namely Enhanced Security Windows. Sure, if you are activating this feature, your computer will be free from those who want to access it without your permission.

The Azure-Integrated Storage Feature

A Cloud-based storage system is indeed not something new. But what has been available in Windows 11 is undeniably more sophisticated than the storage system in previous versions. Yes, the cloud storage system has been integrated with Azure.

The Azure-integrated storage feature gives you some benefits. Aside from the bigger capacity, it also guarantees the security of the data saved in the Windows cloud system.

Free Upgrades

Most users ask whether Windows 11 ISO Download free or not. A good answer for you who have used Windows 10 before. Yes, you can update it for free. So, how if you use older versions than Windows 10? It is possible to get it for free also as long as you upgrade your OS to Windows 10 first. To get it, click here.|