Universal USB Installer
Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer for Windows

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Latest Version Universal USB Installer for Windows (Version
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Pen Drive Linux

Universal USB Installer for Windows is a kind of recommended software application for your computer. It is working to install an operating system through USB. Of course, it tends to be more practical when you install and pair it.

What Is a Universal USB Installer for Windows?

Universal USB Installer for Windows is an application that you can use to be a USB flash drive. It includes a flash disk, memory stick, and many more to be a booting media for running and installing an operating system to your computer. It is free and portable so that you can run it without installing it. Of course, it is more practical to use for your computer.


Universal USB Installer download for Windows is Live Linux USB Creator enabling you to select from a Linux distribution choice inputting to a USB flash drive. It is easy to use. You just select a direct Linux distribution, ISO files, flash disk, and click installation. It is a kind of software that helps you to install an operating system through a USB flash disk easily and practically. It can select one of some modes in file distribution through UII software. You can get some choices for Linux distribution to make the people call it to be Live Linux Bootable USB.

The Features of Universal USB Installer for Windows

You can get some features of Universal USB Installer. What are they?

  • Persistance Feature

This operating system software on USB Flash Drive is easy to use. However, most of the users don’t understand it during activating UII for file distribution. This feature is running when a booting process is conducted in some operating systems like Lubuntu Casper, Xubuntu, and Ubuntu. It can operate together with a drive system having NTFS format rules and FAT32. It is running in USB format by applying an NTFS format file.

  • Easy Software Operation

All users can operate UII easily. The way is selecting UII software. It selects ISO files and flash drives. Then, click on the installer button. Wait until the process is completed. Then, you can distribute Linux. You can be ready to run USB Flash Drive that you boot for installation based on your choices.|