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Plex Media Player for Mac

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Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Yosemite or Later
Author / Product Plex Inc

What is Plex Media Player for Mac? It is one of the apps from Plex to enable your MacBook to connect to other devices. With the connection, you can play media files saved in your MacBook to devices such as TV, smartphone, tablet, and even other laptops or computers. This way, you can have a different experience in watching movies or videos and listening to your favorite songs.

Plex is designed not only to be compatible with the new series of PC and laptops from Apple but also with the older ones. Besides, there are many features available in this app you must acknowledge. What are they?

Plex Media Player for Mac
Plex Media Player for Mac

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Automatic Tracker

Plex Media Player has a feature to track media files saved on your PC or computer. Once the app is installed and opened, automatically, the system moves to look for and find those files. Of course, there is a window of the agreement if you want the app to track files on your computer or not.

The app also brings you some suggestions about the files you are looking for. In case Plex cannot find the file you want immediately, you can repeat the search process by submitting the keyword first.


So, have you found files on the PC using Plex? If yes, it is time to submit them to a library. The content of the library is basically the result of tracking done by the Plex system before. Then, to ease you in watching and listening to them, you can classify them into some categories.

The library is found also on other devices connected. Yes, if you want to watch your favorite movie saved on the PC using TV, the library appears on the TV as well. Next, you can watch it with help from Plex Media Player Download for Mac.

Friendly Interface

Although Plex offers many menus on its homepage, the app is considered easy to use. The interface is made as friendly as possible to enable everyone to use and access it. You can explore all the features first before starting to connect the computer to the TV or other devices.

Online Platforms

Plex doesn’t only focus on offline media files from your computer. It also has a feature to explore online platforms. Yes, some trusted online platforms such as Spike, NPR, Comedy Central, and more have collaborated with the app to bring you high-quality information and entertainment shows. So, what are you waiting for? Get Plex Media Player Free Download and enjoy the show.