Avast Free Mac Security

Avast Free Mac Security

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Free Download ( 109.77 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version Avast Free Mac Security (Version 14.2)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Mavericks or Later
Author / Product Avast Software

Avast Free Mac Security (2021) for Mac OS Download Latest Version | Avast Free Mac Security is your Mac Protection Software, antivirus for Mac not only blocks viruses, spyware, Trojans, and other malware in real-time, it also scans your entire Mac for already-hidden threats. Avast Security scans your entire network and all connected devices for vulnerabilities to help you stop hackers from stealing your personal data.

includes all the malware-crushing moves of its free little brother, along with premium defenses against Wi-Fi intruders and ransomware. You like your Mac, and also rightfully so. Which is all the more need to safeguard it with the most preferred Mac protection offered.

Avast Free Mac Security


Macs need protection, too

Mac OS X is thought about as one of the most protected os offered. However, today’s risks typically aren’t after your computer system– they seek your identification and your money.

New dangers target you directly

These days cyberpunks “phish,” “spearphish” and “whale” to target you specifically. Combine these with other dangers like router hijacking, as well as your identification is at a fantastic risk of being taken.

Avast Free Mac Security

Will it deal with my Mac?

If you’re on a Mac running OSX, it will function. You require 128 MB of RAM as well as 750MB of disk area. Past that, you can be running nearly any kind of steady version of OSX (also Yosemite), and also we’ll keep you secured.

There’s safety in numbers

More people all over the world count on Avast Free Mac Security for their safety and security than other firm. That means better safety and security for everyone. The factor is straightforward: We see and also respond to more information from more customers, so we can make your defense much better.