IrfanView for Windows

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Latest Version IrfanView for Windows 4.54
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Irfan Skiljan

IrfanView (Latest 2021) Download for Windows 10.8,7 [32/64-bit] | If you are looking for a powerful application for your PC Windows, IrfanView can be one of the best options to take. This application can do multifunction tasks such as designing, organizing, and editing images. Get to know more about this IrfanView for Windows on the following page.

About the Application

IrfanView is a fast, simple, and easy application that is specially designed for Windows. Created by Irfan Skilijan, a Bosnian programmer, this software was launched to the public in June 996 and has gained a massive number of users since then.


IrfanView will make it possible for you to do various things include browse libraries through thumbnails, use animated GIFs, take screenshots, and many others. With the simple-user experience provided, IrfanView for Windows 4.54 can be operated easily both by professionals or those who are new with graphic designs.

Not only that but IrfanView also comes with high-class functionality to ensure that it is compatible with many types of file formats. However, the software will be perfect the most for all types of Microsoft Windows.

Main Features of IrfanView

To make sure that users of IrfanView enjoy the best experience when using the software, the publisher equips the tool with various key features. Here are just some of them.

  • Painting Tool

This feature will make it easier for you to use painting tools to design images. Not only that but the feature also allows you to add a note to any images you create by inserting text captions, switch colors, or draw basic shapes easily.

IrfanView is also completed with various specific tools such as oil painting, embossing, sepia, and more.

  • Compatible with Multiple Formats

One of the best things about IrfanView is that the application supports multiple formats. The software will allow you to view files in various formats such as 12 Digital camera RAW formats.

There will be 21 different formats you can find in the application for various purposes. These include saving files and converting an entire folder of images into a different format.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface

IrfanView also comes with an easy-to-use interface feature. With just a few buttons, you can enjoy unlimited options of the menu in this application.

IrfanView Screenshots

IrfanView for Windows IrfanView for Windows IrfanView for Windows IrfanView for Windows

The options available allow you to do many things including edit images by inserting brightness, change the canvas size, and tweaking the filters. Not only that but you can also edit the images by applying the watermark, rotating, modifying the colors, and creating frames for the pictures you design.

# Change Log

– Multiple Undo/Redo steps added (max. 20 steps, Properties-Editing)

– Zoom magnifier added to fullscreen mode

– Option to disable Zoom magnifier (Properties-Viewing)

– Profiles option added to Print dialog

– New option in Properties-Fullscreen: Set horizontal and/or vertical centering

– New option in Print dialog: Set horizontal and/or vertical centering

– Option to set selection border thickness (Properties-Editing)

– Option to enable/disable PlugIns (Help-Installed PlugIns)

– Extended sidecar files option: Copy/Move possible (Properties-File Handling)

– New Canvas dialog option/method: Set aspect ratio

– New option in Watch/Hot Folder dialog: Watch subfolders

– New Lossless JPG Dialog option: Add (or Replace) ICC color profile

– New Thumbnails option: Keep focus in folder tree (after folder change/click)

– Option to show Color Corrections dialog in dark mode

– Fix in Metadata PlugIn (crash with bad EXIF tag in CR2 files; KVE-2019-1184)

– BMP loading bug fixed (thanks to Joshua Faust, CVE-2019-16887)

– JP2 PlugIn loading bug fixed (thanks to Linhlhq)

– ANI PlugIn loading bug fixed (thanks to Linhlhq, CVE-2019-17252)

– RAS PlugIn loading bug fixed (thanks to Linhlhq, CVE-2019-17251)

– EXR PlugIn loading bug fixed (thanks to Linhlhq, CVE-2019-17255)

– DPX PlugIn loading bug fixed (thanks to Linhlhq, CVE-2019-17256)

– WSQ PlugIn loading bug fixed (thanks to Linhlhq, CVE-2019-17250)

– JLS PlugIn loading bug fixed (thanks to Linhlhq, CVE-2019-17253)

Editing Tutorial in Irfanview

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