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Latest Version AIDA64 Engineer for Windows 6.25.5400
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product FinalWire Ltd

AIDA64 Engineer (2021 Latest) Download for Windows 10/8/7/XP | The AIDA64 Engineer for Windows is a highly useful application to detect any installed software in any device. It provides detailed information regarding software configuration and information on any device. It does that by checking through the installed software in any device to show everything about that software.

This application is not a free one that needs a properly valid license key to be entered to enjoy its full version functionalities. Yet there are websites to find the setup file to install the Trial Version for Windows. It is published by FinalWire with its setup file is about 50Mb of size to download.

This application is pretty similar to the one called AIDA64 for Android. It offers the same functionality to check detailed specifications and configurations of software and even hardware of any device where it is installed. It comes with a handy diagnostic function as well in it to help to prevent problems to the system.


The one for Windows works well in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. More importantly, it works seamlessly in Windows 10 as well as Windows Server 2016. That level of compatibility makes it very easy and versatile to use by all users of Windows with either version of Windows.

AIDA64 Engineer for Windows is a much more powerful application than just detection software. It monitors active sensors in real-time to offer accurate temperature, voltage, and fan speed to help to tweak any computer to its best configuration and performance level especially in overclocking.

Furthermore, it has its accurate diagnostic function as well to help to detect any possible issues in the whole system. That is very crucial to prevent terrible problems in the future in terms of the system that may be catastrophic. It is a useful application for anyone who favors a high-performance computer.

The database of this application is amidst the best around the available software like it. There are over 50 pages of information regarding hardware to display whenever needed. In addition to that, it also has more than 50 pages of information regarding installed programs, security applications, software licenses, and Windows settings with highly accurate diagnostic and analysis.

Here are some screenshots and features of AIDA64 Engineer for Windows

AIDA64 Engineer for Windows Features of AIDA64 Engineer for WindowsAIDA64 Engineer for Windows Features of AIDA64 Engineer for WindowsAIDA64 Engineer for Windows Features of AIDA64 Engineer for WindowsAIDA64 Engineer for Windows

In short, this FinalWire AIDA64 Engineer is like System Information on Windows but much more detailed with a wider scope. It offers comprehensive information and reports on various elements in a computer so that it can eventually be optimized and maximized the right way.

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