TrackView for Windows

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Latest Version TrackView for Windows (V4.1.6.0)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Cybrook

TrackView for Windows is a tracking app to install on your Windows PC. This app is commonly used by parents who want to always check their children’s location. Well, many adults also use the app to track their husbands, wives, boyfriends, or girlfriends. And undeniably, it is really helpful.

Not only monitoring activities are done on other devices, particularly smartphones, but the app is also utilized to find lost smartphones. Install the app on 2 smartphones. When one of them is losing, you can find it using another. Just make sure that both smartphones are connected well to the internet and GPS.

Although the app is accessible for free for a long time, many new users are confused about how to use it. Make sure to follow the guidance below to install and use the app.


How TrackView Works

TrackView works by relying on the phone’s camera to access activities on another phone. It is important to know that to connect the phone to the PC, you must access the phone first by installing the app and registering it as the recipient.

Sure, it is wiser if the owner of the phone, meaning your child or partner, knows that you want to install it there. However, in some cases, you may just not want them to know you install TrackView download for Windows. This way, the app can be installed secretly and they will not know the presence of the app at all.

After the app has been installed well on the phone, you can monitor the location via PC. It brings you accurate information about where the smartphone is. It also provides the history of locations visited by phone.

Features in TrackView

Aside from the main function to track and monitor phones, TrackView is also designed with some more features. First of all, the login process is considered very easy. It only needs the email address and password. After logging in, you can just access many sophisticated features inside.

Screenshots and Features of TrackView

TrackView for Windows
TrackView for Windows

The app is also equipped with location access as well as video recording, audio distance, and access to the camera whether the front or rear camera.

All the features inside the app are accessible anytime although the smartphone is locked or in sleep mode. However, it may not work well if the smartphone is shut down.

The PC automatically receives reports of the locations of the smartphone without you having to check it all the time. So, you can know what the smartphone does an hour ago or 2 accurately. All the data are recorded well in the history of TrackView free download.