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VIPRE Internet Security

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Latest Version VIPRE Internet Security (Version 11.0)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product VIPRE Security

VIPRE Internet Security is one of those things you need to own if you are a dedicated web surfer. The program comes with a powerful antivirus combined with the latest spyware technology. So, what’s good about this internet security solution?

VIPRE Internet Security in a nutshell

The most common thing you would find from an antivirus is its annoying noise while working in general. VIPRE won’t let you go through that noisy experience when surfing the web.


The main feature of this program is to scan and protect you while surfing the internet. There is no performance optimization option offered by other antiviruses. VIPRE is blatant and straightforward. However, it doesn’t mean that this program isn’t reliable. VIPRE is simple yet keeping you one hundred percent safe. Its real-time protection seals you from data theft and snooping, web camera protection, passwords, and microphone protection.

VIPRE Internet Security for Windows

Feel free to try VIPRE Internet Security free download for a 30-days free trial before deciding on a paid version commitment. This program would suit those who use the Windows operating system and need reliable protection for their devices.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to operate this antivirus after all. Still, you can incorporate VIPRE for both home and business use – the packages are available to choose from depending on your needs.

Things you would love about VIPRE Internet Security

There are several things you would love from this program. It provides reliable protection against malware and other cyber threats. The firewall is customizable and you can turn on the spam filter to do its job.

VIPRE Internet Security for Windows

In case you are interested in its paid version, the pricing is quite affordable. Its simple interface reflects how straightforward this program is. Also, it won’t interfere with the system.

Things to consider from VIPRE Internet Security

The customer support is not the best quality of this program – the rivals could provide much better. Also, VIPRE seems to be focusing more on malware and other threats while being a bit weaker on ransomware protection.


Frankly, VIPRE is not the best yet most reliable antivirus on the market. However, we recommend this program since the pricing is affordable while it’s easy to set up and operate. If you are looking for a simple program to protect your device then VIPRE might be it.

VIPRE provides features that will plainly protect your device while surfing the internet. Also, it is advised to move to VIPRE Advanced Security since the VIPRE Internet Security is no longer developed.