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Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product VIPRE Security

VIPRE Advanced Security is a developed antivirus which provides all-in protections. It protects you from internet scams and keeping your data safe. Back then, VIPRE also had an internet security solution. Today, you can use one program to protect everything on your device.

According to our tests, this program provides solid protection against malware and viruses. This program is also equipped with extra security tools that provide additional coverage. However, the company’s website doesn’t look promising.

Here are some screenshots and Features of VIPRE Advanced Security


VIPRE Advanced Security for Windows

Everything you need to know about VIPRE can be found in this article.

Highlight and features of VIPRE Advanced Security

Feel free to try VIPRE Advanced Security free download and check out how amazing this program is. It comes with sophisticated tools that promote anti-phishing. Online transactions and shopping would be much more secured.
It also comes with ransomware protection that is automatically installed during your initial installation. You can pick from its several scanning options.

The protection also comes as extensions on Firefox and Chrome. VIPRE also has its own browser called Edge which has come with internet security in it.

We highly recommend this program for home users. Also, if all you need is basic computer security with efficient tools then VIPRE would be happy to serve.

Things you would love about VIPRE Advanced Security

This program consumes a low amount of resources. Thus, your system won’t be slowing down at all. If you need a program to handle several devices without being spendy, you should consider VIPRE in the first place.

The download and installation process is easy yet simple. Don’t need to be tech-savvy to take care of this program.

Its firewall can be personalized with such convenience. Other than that, if you subscribe to this program, you can remove any detected virus for free!

Things you should consider from VIPRE Advanced Security

However, its customer support is not considered as “good” – not even close. If you check the company’s website, you might be questioning the credibility of this program – no time updates. More than anything, VIPRE is a solution for those who need reliable PC protection without being fancy.

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We might’ve said it many times in this article but VIPRE is an affordable solution to protect your device from malware and other cyber threats. The advance package is designed to protect up to 10 devices at once.

Before deciding on going full-time with the paid subscription, feel free to download VIPRE Advanced Security free trial.