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Latest Version Norton 360 Deluxe (Latest 2021)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product NortonLifeLock Inc

If you run a small company that uses up to 5 PCs, you will need the Norton 360 Deluxe to protect the company’s activities from any malware and threats. You actually can use the basic Norton antivirus or Norton security, however, it will be better if you choose a package so that you can do it in one go. To have this antivirus at your company is a good choice because all the PCs and online activities will be safe all the time as it is protected. Here are the decent features that this Norton 360 Deluxe has to protect your computers.

Features of Norton 360 Deluxe

The Norton 360 Deluxe download will come with a secure cloud back up up to 50 GB. It also comes with a secure VPN for all five computers or devices. There will be an option for you to have an additional feature to control all the five devices so that the activities of all the PCs will only limit to the work field. It will help you to control the devices and ensure that the devices are optimized to run the task of the company.


Norton 360 Deluxe for Windows

It comes with multi-layered, real-time threat protection. The advanced security will be able to protect all the devices from all the possible malware and threats. It can help you to protect the financial information which is very important for your company. You will not need to worry about the scam or hackers anymore. There is an add bank-grade encryption that will keep confidential information such as bank details or passwords protected.

Activate Password Manager

You can create and store the passwords safely and securely. It will make the company’s account and activity safer and 100% protected. The cloud backup that Norton offers is up to 50GB that will automatically happen. So your PC has an automatic backup that can store and protect essential and confidential assets.

What we are talking about here is the documents that are important for the company. So, you will be protected against threats, stolen devices, and also ransomware. If you have a lot of meetings online, this Norton 360 also has the SafeCam option that can notify you if a cybercriminal tries to hack your webcam. You will have the option to block this action. If you are thinking about the complete protection for up to five devices, this Norton 360 Deluxe is worth every penny.

Features of Norton 360 Deluxe
  1. Real-time Threat Protection for your Device
  2. Secure VPN
  3. Dark Web Monitoring
  4. Password Manager
  5. 50GB Cloud Backup
  6. Parental Control
  7. SafeCam
  8. NEW! School Time