RoboForm for Windows

RoboForm for Windows

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Latest Version RoboForm for Windows (Version 8.9.4)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Siber Systems Inc

RoboForm for Windows is a tool for filling forms faster, easier, and more secure. You’ll never need to remember or type your passwords again. This Software securely stores all of your passwords and logs you in with a single click (or tap). Save time entering personal and billing information with AutoFill for long web forms.

RoboForm is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android with support for all their respective major browsers, including Microsoft Edge. Alat is also supported by your favorite browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera with service extensions that can be installed on these browsers.

RoboForm alleviates the burdens associated with password management by remembering and generating passwords, automatically logging into websites, and even completing long online checkout forms with a single click.

RoboForm for Windows

Saving Form Data to Passcards

When you manually enter login data to login page and click the Login (Submit) button RoboForm will offer to save this login info to a Passcard by displaying the AutoSave dialog.

RoboForm for Windows

Create New Login

RoboForm for Windows

RoboForm has received numerous awards throughout the years and is used by millions of people worldwide. With a proven history of reliability, RoboForm continues to raise the bar, offering its users a multitude of innovative features and functionalities including two-factor authentication, offline access, secure sharing, and more.

Features of RoboForm

  • One click Logins: Leave the hassle of typing usernames and passwords behind. RoboForm logs you in to websites with a single click. Use our on page AutoFill or select a Login directly from RoboForm.
  • Capture passwords while you browse: Go about surfing the web as usual and let RoboForm do all the work. Passwords are captured and saved, with no additional steps required from you.
  • Anytime, anywhere access: Supported on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and all major browsers.
  • Keep your passwords in sync: The RoboForm Everywhere secure cloud keeps your passwords backed up and in sync across all your browsers and devices.
  • Offline access: Desktop and mobile apps provide offline access to RoboForm data. In addition, the desktop and mobile versions offer optional local-only storage (option not available in Business version).
  • Stay organized: Store and categorize all your passwords in easy-to-manage folders. Pin your favorite Logins for easy access.
  • Powerful search: No more shuffling through files looking for that one missing password. Use RoboForm’s strong search functionality to save time and effort.
  • And much more..

RoboForm is a highly secure, feature-rich platform that has been purposefully designed for businesses. It works across almost all platforms and provides networked features that enable businesses to collaborate more effectively.

RoboForm is by far our favorite password manager because Security framework is to best-in-class, so businesses can be confident that their passwords and credentials are secure, it performs strongly, and the interface is easy to use.

Testimonials and Price

The Softonline team gives this tool a 5/5 rating, RoboForm is available free version with limited functionality usage, Softonline team recommends you to buy Everywhere version with full features including: Sync across all devices, Cloud backup, Two Factor Authentication, Secure shared folder, Grant Emergency Access, Web access and Priority 24/7 support.

RoboForm is the world’s number one Protect Your Passwords tool at a price for the Everywhere version cheaper than many premium competitors for only $17.95 / year for the Individual License.

5 star award

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