FortiClient VPN for Windows

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Free Download ( 2.86 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version FortiClient VPN for Windows (Version 7.0)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Fortinet

Are you looking for the best VPN service for your Windows computer that can offer better security? FortiClient VPN for Windows might be the one you are looking for.

Introduction to FortiClient VPN for Windows

With FortiClient VPN download for Windows, you will be allowed to create a secure connection with Virtual Private Network (VPN). It will be done by using SSL VPN or IPSec “Tunnel Mode” connections between your Windows computer and the FortiGate Firewall.


FortiClient VPN for Windows

Of course, using FortiClient VPN for Windows PC can offer you great benefits because your connection will be fully encrypted. The secure tunnel will be used for sending any traffic from and to your Windows computer.

What can FortiClient VPN for Windows Do?

You can find various kinds of VPN services out there, but you need to know the reason why FortiClient VPN can be one of the best choices you have for securing your Windows computer. First things first, FortiClient VPN is super easy to use.

This app is also super convenient because it can support SSL and IPSec VPN. You can get this kind of support by using FortiToken support.

If you use the free version of FortiClient VPN, you will get limited features that might not need your protection need completely. In this circumstance, you can upgrade the function to FortiClient-Fabric Agent. This way, you will get much better technical support and advanced functionality.

The Free FortiClient VPN version can provide secure and reliable access to the corporate network by using SSL and IPSec VPN. Secure and reliable access can also be found for applications from any remote location with an internet connection.

Remote users might find complicated experiences when trying to keep their connection secure and reliable. They do not have to get troubled with this problem any longer because FortiClient comes with always-up and built-in auto-connection VPN features. It will simplify their experience much further.

Security is the main reason why people are looking for the best VPN service since your computer and personal information can be vulnerable to the internet connection. You might want to make sure that you can get better security with the right choice of VPN.
FortiClient VPN will grant your wish because it comes with Two-Factor authentication using FortiToken to provide an additional layer of security.

For the bottom line, let’s conclude the features supporting this VPN service that make it stand out more than other VPN services. They include client certificates, IPSec, and SSLVPN “tunnel mode”, as well as two-factor authentication using FortiToken.

Get the benefits of FortiClient VPN free download for your Windows computer security.