Private Internet Access
Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access for Windows

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Free Download ( 17.93 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version Private Internet Access for Windows (Version 2.6.0)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 8 32 or Later
Author / Product Private Internet Access Inc

Private Internet Access VPN will help you to encrypt your connection, and allow you to have a secured connection by using the anonymous IP. This way will protect users’ privacy.


This VPN is multi-gigabit VPN Tunnel gateways, fast, trusted, and worldwide names in anonymous VPN services. Private Internet Access is also known as PIA. This VPN service is famous for its leading service provider that will provide you encrypted yet secure VPN tunnels.


Private Internet Access for Windows

The tunnels will be used to create some layers of security and privacy that provide you an internet safety connection. Users don’t have to worry since the VPN service comes with VPN Tunnel access that operates in more than 25 countries and 37 regions. They are also backed with several gateways worldwide.

The Private Internet Access VPN uses VPN tunneling to give the users multi-layered security, state of the art privacy, and also advanced protection when using it for accessing the internet. Private Internet Access for Windows is also available online.

Why do I need Private Internet Access?

  • Protect your online privacy and identity
  • Unblock Censorship Filters
  • The World’s Leading VPN

It features the Security Layers section which each layer has its own section and duty. The sections are designed to be able to operate using the technology that you have in smartphones. It works from the ground up and uses the built-in technology in the computer or mobile device.

The service is working at the TCP/UP level. This means that all of your access and applications will be secured. And security is not only for web browsers.

Private Internet Access for Windows

Unblock the Filters

The reason why people choose to have VPN access is to let access sites or applications from third parties that are blocked by the operating system. The PIA VPN allows users to unblock the censorship filters. And now you can enjoy open access to the app that allows a VPN network. The safe and secure anonymous VPN tunnel is now at your hand.

Protect your ID

The anonymous tunnel lets you browse with hidden IP. You, then can’t be tracked. The VPN service is also available for WiFi security. Thus, this will protect your identity and privacy because you’re browsing also anonymously. It is the best way you can do.

Connect You to VPN Tunnel

To use the VPN service, you only need one click. Start to install and the service can be used immediately. It lets you connect to a VPN tunnel in seconds by installing the VPN setup. What you have to do is just purchase the account, Go download and install the Private Internet Access VPN.