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Microsoft Outlook for Mac

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Latest Version Microsoft Outlook for Mac (Version 16.49)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Mojave or Later
Author / Product Microsoft Corporation

When you want to complete your jobs, you surely require the products of Microsoft Office. One of the software products is Microsoft Outlook for Mac that you should have. For some people, you may not know what is Microsoft Outlook. It is great to know the details of this software.

What Is Microsoft Outlook for Mac?

Microsoft Outlook merges email, contacts, and calendar in one space so that you can work efficiently. The integration of Office enables you to share some attachments from One Drive to access contacts and see a profile of LinkedIn. Of course, it is very helpful for the people who can’t save some important contacts and documents in a separate space.


Connecting Easily

It is right for the designer of Microsoft Office. It is designed for Mac and Mac Book Pro Touch Bar. It is supported fully by Microsoft Outlook. You can move between email and calendar on your Mac by only clicking Touch Bar. Then, you click again and you can open a new meeting invitation. You can calm your eyes by setting them in a dark mode. Outlook makes you focus on the inbox and calendar with the dim light with the support of dark mode for Mac Os Mojave.

Microsoft Outlook for Mac
Microsoft Outlook

The procedures of Microsoft Outlook for Mac make it connected and shared quickly. You can maintain the main contact in the front and centre part to stay connected to each other. You can know the organization hierarchy with anyone working to handle and complete something. Of course, it makes people collaborate quickly with this software.

Trusted Security

You can trust the security of this software. You can get the highest security level of this software. Microsoft Outlook works along the time to protect the secret information without disturbing you. It has an appropriate smartness level. This software anticipates your needs. The trip and payment of the bills automatically will be added to your calendar and smart reminder. It helps you to walk on the right track. The search helps you to find information quickly. It is working collaboratively with the provider of your email. It is functioning on Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, and Gmail.

Microsoft Outlook for Mac can help you to share with Microsoft Teams. You can copy the email messages or chats related to email messages. When you share to Teams from Outlook for Mac, popup windows are appearing to confirm the track to share it. You can find the link of Microsoft Outlook Download for downloading and installing it.