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Windows 7 Home Premium
- 2.72 MB - Freeware
Windows USB/DVD Download tool for Windows is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create a copy of ISO file into a USB drive...
Microsoft Teams
- 121 MB - Freeware
Microsoft Teams for Windows is the virtual conversations platform that we can rely on. Microsoft is a leading brand in the technology industry. The...
Microsoft Publisher
- 4.13 GB - Trial
Aside from the complete package of Microsoft Office, there is this so-called Microsoft Publisher for Windows. Of course, it comes with a specific set...
Windows 11 ISO
- 4.53 GB -
In July 2021, Microsoft officially launched its newest operating system, Windows 11 ISO. It is the successor of the previous version, Windows 10 that...
Visual Studio Community
- 462.52 B - Freeware
If you are already familiar with the products of visual studio, please welcome another latest member of visual studio which is called the visual...
Windows 7 Home Premium
- 2.38 GB - Trial
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium may be one of the most awaited Operating System given that we waited on Windows XP, Windows Vista really...
- 6.69 MB - Freeware
Introduce Silverlight for Windows with 64-bit. This software becomes the best development tool for Web and mobile apps. It allows you to create engaging...
Windows Media Player for Mac
- 6.99 MB - Freeware
Nowadays people love to play lots of videos and songs, therefore finding and choosing the best music and video player is quite essential. So,...
Microsoft Remote Desktop
- 49.39 MB - Freeware
Do you have a job that requires two or more devices with different Operating systems (OS)? Do you feel that carrying two devices with...
Microsoft Excel 2019
- 4.13 GB - Shareware
This section informs you that Microsoft Excel 2016 for Windows is not available anymore. You can take it as an important note, especially for...