Kingston Format Utility
Kingston Format Utility

Kingston Format Utility for Windows

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Latest Version Kingston Format Utility for Windows (Version
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Kingston

Kingston Format Utility for Windows has been formatted with a FAT32 file system to the compatibility of platform crossing and optimal personal computer performance. Formatting this drive with Windows, Linux, and Mac sometimes reduces performance. You must be aware of this situation. The best solution is to format your drive with Kingston Format Utility.

The Installation of Kingston Format Utility for Windows

If you want to use Kingston Format Utility download for Windows, you can follow the directions. Those are helpful to improve your laptop performance. Here are the working principles of this installation.


1. Click the utility link for Kingston format to install the utility download
2. Choose Open and wait for the applications to complete the downloading process.
3. From a self-extracting window, you can click the button Browse.
4. It will direct you to the desktop for easy access. Then, select OK to continue it.
5. Choose to Unzip to continue to the next step
6. Click two times on Kingston Format Utility and select the linked drive letter with your USB and click Format to start the process.

All data will be deleted sooner when you install Kingston Format Utility. Make sure you backup all saved data on drive Hyper X before you use it. This Kingson Format Utility is only supported on DTHX30/XX.

Kingston Format Utility for Windows
Kingston Format Utility for Windows

The Principles of Kingston Format Utility for Windows

Kingston Format Utility is an ownership utility designed for formatting Kingston’s USB drive. This program is designed for the flash drive of the Hyper X DTHX30/XXGB series. However, it still supports another drive from this manufacturer. This program shows the speed and higher operating system. The other specifications do not have significant benefits when you use them.

Kingston Format Utility are able to convert the media file system to FAT32 as well as NTFS. Both file systems have benefits and disadvantages for each performance. FAT32 is more suitable to save small files. Meanwhile, NTFS is supported to save large files. In addition, FAT32 drives have a limit before you prevent them from writing larger files of more than 4GB. You must consider when you select a file system before you start a formatting process.

All required and concentrated utility controls are available in which you can select the required media. You can also determine an original file system. A formatting process will start sooner after you press a format button. This program works with media of some sizes and no installation. You can start Kingston Format Utility free download by handling the downloaded archive.