iLok License Manager
iLok License Manager

iLok License Manager for Windows

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Latest Version iLok License Manager for Windows (Version 5.3.3)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc

Enjoy the iLok License Manager for Windows. Similar to Whale Browser for Windows, you do not require access to any other web browser. Yet, you have to get a good internet connection to use it.

This app replaces the license and the website. Users can apply this app and search for resources conveniently. Installing this app makes you able to move out the license.

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The Header Function

Right-click the table header available. Then, you can select any columns to list the license. Click the column headers and drag them to rearrange.

It leads you to another way. You can view the below feature from your account.

  • All Licenses

Here display you with all your license accounts. It shows you whether the active or not active one.

  • Available

It presents you with a license to activate your location. This function is equal to the one from

  • All Activations

This function will show you merely the activated licenses. It is only the one that is available on the locations. iLok License Manager free Download is similar to My Licenses view from its previous website that is

  • Unavailable

This one offers you other functionality. It provides you with an expired license. Besides, it also displays you with the one that has already transferred.

  • Hidden

As the name suggests, it helps to hide the views. Make sure you select the license that is not activated to any location for this function. So, you can hide it.
It is easy to manage the license. You only need to move it to the Anti-piracy protection app. Just drag and drop it.

iLok License Manager for Windows
iLok License Manager for Windows

Grouping Your License

You can arrange and group your licenses. There are two types of grouping here. Let see the following information that helps you to understand it.

1. Locked Groups

This one previously was called Bundles. It is attached from one to another. You can only move it in a single unit.

2. Unlocked Groups

This group is different from the previous. You can split and apply it separately. You can mix it with the unlocked group from your account or other iLok.

There is an essential thing you have to know about this functionality. You can only move one license by dragging it from an unlocked group member. Meanwhile, you have to drag all of them from the locked group.

Nowadays, the publisher offers you a special license. iLok License Manager for Windows enables you to share it from your local network at ease and simplicity.|

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