Whale Browser
Whale Browser

Whale Browser for Windows

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Latest Version Whale Browser for Windows (Version
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product NAVER Corp

Whale Browser for Windows is an awesome browser that incorporates a collection of nice functions crammed in a captivating style that avoids individuals from feeling bewildered by the realm of web navigation.

The web browser you rely on can discovering as many alternatives as feasible is the only method to come across the one that ultimately appears to be jthe right option.

Feature-packed Whale Browser

Instantly, you can identify for yourself that Whale Browser sports all the performance of any type of good browser, implying that you can thoroughly organize your bookmarks, history, and also downloads, make use of expansions, navigate in incognito mode, as well as much more.


Whale Browser for Windows

The support Whale Browser for Windows Space is the attribute that allows you to view the contents of 2 various tabs at the same time, and also aside from that, a built-in sidebar is there to bring around various tools seperti a media player, calculator, a countdown timer, and a lot more.

Whale Browser for Windows

Whale is an Internet browser with original features that you can not locate in traditional browsers. It is various from the various other web browsers due to its smooth, catchy design.

It has been produced in a manner to order the interest of the individuals. In addition, the tools provided by it are also put so that you use them in the best possible manner.

Features of Whale Browser

  • Experience omni-tasking, exclusive to Whale
    One window-fits-you-all. You can do what you want quickly and seamlessly without unnecessary back-and-forth.
  • Two screens in one window!
    Space is the key feature of Whale that runs by omni-tasking. You can use the two windows independently, or connect them together to make online search and shopping more efficient.
  • If you need any features, take them out from the sidebar.
    Have you ever had to open a new tab for a simple search? Yes. Was it comfortable? No. Now you can easily add the features you need. Such as quick search, translate, memo, calculator and much more! Of course you can add the websites you always visit.
  • You don’t need a separate program for screengrab!
    Forget about the hassle. Whale provides you numerous modes of screengrab and you can easliy convert them to file of your choice and save it to cloud, Whale Scrapbook, etc.

This browser is very interesting bome of the attributes that this browser offers the individuals consist of organizing the bookmarks, preserving the settings of the history, as well as downloads. Additionally, navigation in incognito mode and making use of expansions is likewise possible while making use of the application.