Foxit PDF Editor
Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor for Windows

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Latest Version Foxit PDF Editor for Windows (Version 11.2.1)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Foxit Corporation

Let us turn into Foxit PDF Editor for Windows. The app allows users to view and add an image to PDF documents. Besides, they can modify the file there as well.

The below explanation helps us to get a further understanding of the app. Read the texts well to know what the app is made for.

Understanding Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor is the ideal app for you. It allows you to modify your PDF file. That is why you have to download the app.

Foxit PDF Editor for Windows
Foxit PDF Editor for Windows

The program lets users change text and images in PDF documents without difficulties. Moreover, you can change lines and charts on it.

What you need to do is only a simple thing. You need to load and edit the file. You have to do it as if using other text editing tools.

There is also a good thing that users can get from the tool. You can apply a graphic edition tool in case you need it. The feature allows you to modify lines or shapes within your document.

Besides, there is another benefit as well. The software enables users to add new objects, including text and images. From there, you can personalize it.

Foxit PDF Editor download for Windows is the right app for you. It is excellent to add or substitute new pictures. Set your documents with your preference.

This software can also let you change font and color. If you want to modify your PRF file, you have to use this app. So, you can manage it like a doc file.

Benefits Using Foxit PDF Editor

There are several things you can do with the Foxit PDF Editor. The software helps you to make major changes in your documents, including page size. As mentioned earlier, adjust content, layout, and margins using the app.

Make sure your documents are in PDF. After that, you do not require a word processor to change your documents. Besides, you do not need page layout software as well to do the task.

By using the app, you will support an environment-friendly program. You can go paperless and go with a digital copy. Scan your document and convert it into text.

Aside from that, you can secure your documents easily with this software. You can protect and keep it safe from the thread. Thus, you can use Foxit PDF Editor free download and access outside your company firewall.