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Google Calendar for Windows

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Latest Version Google Calendar for Windows (Latets)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Google Inc

Google Calendar for Windows is a time-management app developed by Google. The app is compatible for Windows as long as the computer has a Google Account. Furthermore, it is available for free from Google, meaning you can use it every day to manage your daily activities.

Automatically Synced with Gmail

If you receive emails from Gmail with certain schedules for meetings, flight tickets, concerts, birthdays, and other events, the email content is automatically synced with Google Calendar. It is with a note that the schedule has full details including the time and date.


Sure, it is also possible to add the schedule manually and it is very easy. Open the app and tap on the date when the event will be conducted. Make sure to activate the notification. This way, Google Calendar will remind you when it has been close to the schedule.

Share the Calendar

One of the best features of Google Calendar is sharing the calendar itself. It is very helpful if you have the same schedule as your friends or family. If there is a certain meeting to be conducted in your team, activate the feature in a group. Once the meeting is rescheduled, all the team members will be automatically informed without you must contact them one by one.

Create a List of Daily Schedules

Google Calendar Download for Windows is not only intended to create a certain event or schedule. Even a set of daily schedules can be created at once. You can add activities like when to go to the grocery or when to pay the bill on it.

Screenshots and Features of Google Calendar

Google Calendar
Google Calendar

Add the details manually like the time and the place where the event will be conducted. You can set up a reminder to notify you when this is the time to do this and that. This app is suitable if you are easily forgotten about your own schedules.

Remind Your Favorite TV Show

If you like a certain TV show and you just don’t want to miss it even a little bit, Google Calendar is a good choice. Google Calendar does not only remind you of the date when the show is aired. More than that, it also displays the details of schedules including what time you can watch it.

Make sure to set up the reminder around 5 minutes or more before the show begins. Therefore, you will already be on your sofa while holding the remote control when the show is aired. Google Calendar free Download is very useful, isn’t it?