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Google Classroom

Google Classroom for Windows

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Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Google Inc

Google Classroom for Windows is an internet-based service developed by Google. It is to support e-learning activities in particular situations. Well, during the COVID-19 pandemic happening in some previous years the presence of Google Classroom is very helpful. At least, the students can keep studying in the “classroom” even when they cannot go to school.

Google Classroom is used by both parties, they are the teacher and students. It enables the teacher to manage the classroom without meeting directly with the students. All people in the classroom can still contact and interact with others. Besides, the teacher may deliver the materials, as usual, using features available in the app.

Google Classroom is popular in the area of education for the many benefits it gives. Well, here are some features you can enjoy in the app.


Easy to Use

Google Classroom is likely moving the actual Classroom to your computer. All the parties involved in the teaching and learning process can just install the app. If you already have the Google Account before, just do some taps to make them automatically synced.
Open the app and create a Classroom to meet the teacher and students. Then, the teacher may just teach as usual and the students listen to him or her. Use all the features to explain the materials, create tasks, and assess them.

Save Time and Paper

Google Classroom Download for Windows is designed to save time and paper. It saves time, of course, as the teacher and students can just go in front of their PCs to join the class. There is no need to ride the school bus or something to get to the classroom.

Screenshots and Features of Google Classroom

Google Classroom for Windows
Google Classroom for Windows

It saves paper as all the teaching and learning activities are done online. There is a feature for the teacher to create tasks. The tasks are sent to their students and let them finish them. The students may submit the tasks when they have been assessed by the teachers. The set of activities above is done using digital pages or paperless. It is a good move to save our earth for sure.

Synced with Other Google Apps

Google Classroom is simply integrated into other Google apps under one Google Account. In the app, there are options to connect related apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Documents, Google Drive, and so on. Anytime you need to use the app in the classroom, just tap and use it. So, for teachers, are you interested to use Google Classroom free download?