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Latest Version Pro Tools for Windows (Version 6.0)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Avid Technology Inc

Pro Tools for Windows is a must have application for artists, singers, or anyone who works in the audio editing industry. This PC software offers a professional environment and features for audio editing and production. Users’ testimonies show that this tool is capable of producing crisp and clear sound needed in the professional audio editing business. You can’t call yourself a video editor if you never use this tool.

Professional Audio Editing

There is a reason why professional audio editors use and look for Pro Tools free download Windows. Because it works.


The features provided by Pro Tools are specially designed for professionals who demand for perfection in their work. The system loads quickly and can process and share tracks without wasting too much time, such a necessary feature for busy editors.

Pro Tools for Windows
Pro Tools for Windows

This tool helps audio editors mix and edit audios without hassle, thanks to its powerful features, such as Track Freeze, Bounce and Commit. There are many subscription plans available and you can get more tracks and plug-ins if you subscribe to the premium plan.

Amazing Sound Processors

You can’t use an audio editing tool that doesn’t produce good sound. Thanks to the amazing sound processors, you don’t have to worry about the audio quality when using Power Tools. It also comes with plug-ins and more than 60 virtual instruments that will take the sound you make to the next level. You will still get more than a dozen bonus plug-ins. And now that is a catch!

Cloud Support

Video editing is not a one man’s job. You often need to collaborate with your teams or send the results to your clients. Thankfully, Pro Tools now comes with cloud. You can store all your projects on the dedicated cloud and even share it with your team. You can experience this unparalleled convenience if you click on Pro Tools download for Windows.

Final Words

Pro Tools is still the best audio editing software in the market. Even though there are many similar tools nowadays with even more modern features, it is safe to say that Pro Tools is still on top. With high-end hardware and the cleanest audio result, it is clear why professional audio editors also use this software.

Unfortunately, it now only comes with a subscription-only plan. This is a drawback because users cannot perpetually own the license for this software now. But despite all that, this is a reliable tool and you can trust your audio editing needs to Pro Tools for Windows.