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Everyone Piano for Windows

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Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Everyone Piano Inc

Everyone Piano for Windows is a PC app to help users learn piano autonomously. Indeed, the result may not be as perfect as when you also hire a tutor. But at least, it enables you to play some simple songs only by downloading and listening to instructions inside.

The app works by producing accurate sounds as the simulation of the real piano. Compared to other similar apps, Everyone Piano’s sounds tend to be more authentic based on many reviews. Sure, the app still has some more features to enjoy. Here they are.

Everyone Piano for Windows
Everyone Piano for Windows

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Recording and Replaying Music You Make

So, have you done playing piano with Everyone Piano? If you want to listen to the song you have played, you can activate the recording feature. Automatically, what you have played is recorded and you can listen to it later. For replaying the music, click the replay button.

Uniquely, you can also set up the recording whether the tempo will be normal, faster, or slower. This way, you can just know if there are any mistakes you make when playing. In the same menu, you can also play the halftone and many more.

Supports for the External Keyboard

Everyone Piano Download for Windows is not only to teach you in learning digital piano. Yes, you can play the piano keyboards digitally available on the screen. But if you want to push the real keyboard, you can install the extension piano, particularly the MIDI keyboard. It makes you feel like playing the piano for real with help from the app.

3 Modes

The app provides you with 3 different modes, they are Kid Mode, Adult Mode, and Old Mode. What do they mean? Every mode has its own theories, music materials, and examples that are adjusted to the age of the users. Every group of ages tends to have different abilities in absorbing and practicing music theories. That’s why you can choose one of them that fits you at best.

Easy to Use and Install

Everyone Piano for PC is also very easy to use. Even if you are a beginner with zero knowledge about music, you can use the app as guidance and a reference for your piano learning. After choosing the mode, choose one of the options available that represents on what stage you are currently.

The same thing is for the installation process. Make sure to get the file and follow the steps to install and activate the app on your PC. So, are you interested to learn with Everyone Piano Free Download?|