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Latest Version Cubase Pro for Windows (Version 11)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Steinberg Media Technologies

Cubase Pro for Windows is applied for recording, composing, editing, and mixing music by most star musicians and producers. For almost three decades, the software has developed Steinberg into the most advanced DAW everywhere.

The app mixes intuitive handling, exceptional audio quality, and some high-level audio and MIDI tools. It is perfect for recording a band playing in the studio, a live rock concert, or orchestra performance. Cubase Pro is the best app at its level.

Below are some of its leading features and highlights.

This software helps to transport and record workflow. It has better visibility and smoother handling, which become its best feature.


Besides, it supports the users with some other added features for effective workflows. It has an almost similar feature to Microsoft Excel 2016 for Windows. The app is suitable for the biggest and even complex tracking sessions.

Cubase Pro for Mac
Cubase Pro

It is suitable for mixing as well as track handling. The app launches its newest style that is version 8.5, which improves the great MixConsoles environment.

Additionally, the software has proved the Cubase track handling tools. So, it shares a more intuitive result for mixing and manipulating audio channels.

Another highlight is the availability of MIDI Editing. Its MIDI editing toolset makes the software well-known since its first day launched. Besides, Cubase Pro free Download offers you more tools and various options.

The added tools allow you to manipulate MIDI data. It is perfect for the Key and Drum Editors.

Cubase Pro offers you great accessibility and workflow. It performs a pack of tweaks created its vital functions to be more accessible. Moreover, it makes Cubase Pro more responsive.

The above features and highlights present that this app is most wanted. Its smooth operation process gives you the best result. It is suitable for your music editing or composing.

You can also see its improved Chord Pads and symbols. It provides you with the most inspiring tool for songwriting. Although you can find it available in any DAW, Cubase Pro offers you its enhancing tool.

This feature gives you more advantages while you work on your project. Its extensive feature helps users break through the composer’s block. This thing also includes the most massive one.

The last best feature is the availability of MediaBay Racks. This feature helps search your content. Additionally, MediaBay Racks performs to you with a faster searching result.

You can click the icons and images for locating VST instruments, including content packs, libraries, and preset categories. Try Cubase Pro for Windows with 30 days trial.