Virtual Audio Cable
Virtual Audio Cable

Virtual Audio Cable for Windows

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Free Download ( 819 KB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version Virtual Audio Cable for Windows (Version 4.6.6)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Eugene Muzychenko

Virtual audio cable for Windows is free software and application that you can connect to Windows audio application. It can map audio signals both. It is a traditional audio hardware device with an electric cable. provides a virtual audio device set.

What Makes You Select Virtual Audio Cable for Windows?

When you want to install this virtual audio cable for a computer, you can concern some reasons. This helps you to install and set it on Windows.

Virtual Audio Cable for Windows
Virtual Audio Cable for Windows
  1. Don’t Require Audio Hardware
    You don’t require audio hardware devices like an adaptor for both internal and external and use VAC for a digital audio transfer. An audio hardware device is necessary for listening to the result. It is useful to record a signal from external sources. On a computer without an audio adaptor, you can still use VAC for recording the audio signal of the application.
  2. Control Panel Application
    The application of the VAC control panel enables you to change several virtual cables to see and modify the VAC driver and set a cable set. You can use it to monitor some flow and cable activities.
  3. Transferring Device to Device Audio
    Virtual audio cable download is enabling you to set audio transfer from device to device. To do an endpoint to endpoint transfer, you can use an audio repeater in the product package.
  4. Driver Based Solution
    VAC contains a virtual device driver for Windows making the virtual audio device. This driver is a module of kernel mode and needs to install with an administrator right. Be a WDM filter, it represents the lowest level audio on Windows. It can be used effectively to all top levels.
  5. Comprehensive Users’ Guide
    VAC user’s guide includes a free trial package available on the downloading pages. It contains some useful details for a better understanding of the products and uses it correctly. You don’t require to install a trial version to open and read the manual users. You just download the ZIP archive and open the content. click twice on the VAC name file. It is signed a question icon of Chm.

Features of Virtual Audio Cable for Windows

  • Virtual audio cable free download contains some features. What are they?
  • Working for Windows 10, 8.1, 8. 7, Vista, and XP
  • It enables to transfer of 256 audio independent signal
  • The latency can reduce 0.5 millisecond
  • You can convert PCM format
  • It supports RT audio protocols with the notifications, hours, position register, and package mode.
  • A good volume control feature