PeerBlock for Windows

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Free Download ( 2.26 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version PeerBlock for Windows (Version 1.2)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product iblocklist LLC

If you need a free security program to protect your Windows, PeerBlock for Windows can be one of the best software to consider. The system is designed to scan your online activities to prevent any potential threats to your Windows. Find out why this software is needed for your computer here.

PeerBlock: Overview

Generally speaking, PeerBlock is a security program specially designed for Windows. Despite all the great benefits you can enjoy from this software, it can be downloaded for free. PeerBlock works by scanning the connection created when you are browsing through various websites.

PeerBlock for Windows
PeerBlock for Windows

PeerBlock download for Windows will help you find out which website comes with malicious software. Not only that but this application can also detect aggressive advertisements that might be harmful to your Windows.

PeerBlack was launched for the first time in 2009 by Mark Bulas with the help of three other developers. They used the same code implemented on PeerGuardian’s older versions. This code was then infused with more tools and better OS compatibility.

PeerBlock allows users to pick up the English language since 2014. The software itself gets its fund from donations made by private online virtual servers. They act as a central update service for the software. Today, you can get online updates for blocked contents from PeerBlock with the help of third-party servers.

Utilize Simple User Interface

PeerBlock free download comes with a very simple user interface. This allows you to control the connection of your device while browsing.

Additionally, the user interface also enables you to clear the connections with the servers effectively. In this way, unwanted content, hacker connections, p2p connections, and malicious advertisements that come with the servers can be avoided.

Cutting Connections

PeerBlock for Windows is there to shut connections made by suspicious servers. It helps your device keep safe. Meanwhile, the predefined lists provided by the software also enable you to deny various domains from corporations, governments, and the whole country effectively.

Uses I-Blocklist

Another great thing about Peerblock is that the software doesn’t only protect your Windows from outside threats. It also allows you to easily hide your online activities from unwanted people. However, you need to know that the security program uses I-Blocklist for the blocking lists’ official supplier.

This I-Blocklist added will make it possible for the official suppliers to refresh their lists once per week max. In this way, usage charges will be required if you need additional refreshes for the lists.|