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Latest Version PDF-XChange Viewer for Windows 2.5.322.10
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Tracker Software

PDF-XChange Viewer (Latest 2021) Download for Windows 10/8/7 (32/64-bit) | Many soft-file versions of documents are provided in PDF currently. This way, the documents tend to look neater and readable as well as they cannot be changed or edited accidentally. It is reasonable if you have a PDF reader or viewer on your computer. One of the programs to view PDF files is PDF-Xchange. The program makes your files have a more interesting layout. Reading documents in the form of PDF is also no longer tiring. Here are some benefits of using this program.

It is light-sized with rich features

PDF-Xchange is lightweight so that it will not burden your computer too much. Being lightweight also makes it easier to open and access. Interestingly, although the size is not big at all, the program provides you various tools and features to help you deal with PDF documents. Those tools and features are zoom tools, comment and markup utilities, measuring goodies, link functions, an advanced feature to export to image, and a feature to save all PDF files as digital pictures.

Configuration Settings PDF-XChange Viewer

Despite some important features mentioned above, there are configuration settings that are easy to use. many options are available in the settings and they are designed as compact as possible to simplify you to operate it. it improves your reading experiences. From the setting, you can manage all components of the document’s layout including performance, rendering, page, display, file associations, and more.


A Trusted and Reliable PDF Viewer

It is not exaggerating to say that PDF-Xchange Viewer is a recommended and advanced PDF viewer you should have on your computer. It gives you many benefits as well as it handles any PDF files very well. PDF files themselves may be formed from many apps or programs. Unfortunately, not all viewers may be compatible with those programs that form your PDF Files. PDF-Xchange Viewer is used to open all types of PDF files no matter what programs they are made in the beginning.

Here are some screenshots and features of PDF-XChange Viewer

PDF-XChange Viewer
Comprehensive Annotation and Markup Tools
PDF-XChange Viewer offers the simple and advanced user a feature rich annotation library of tools far surpassing the offerings of our competitors, as well as the means to customize each tool. From pop-ups and sticky notes to stamps and auto calculated measurement tools, we know you’ll be surprised with what our viewer has to offer.
PDF-XChange Viewer for Windows
PDF-XChange Viewer has a rich feature set compared to other PDF viewers
A small sample of just some of the many features PDF-XChange Viewer has to offer.
PDF-XChange Viewer for Windows
PDF-XChange Viewer has the ability to secure your PDF files
Secure your PDF files and setup document permission options with ease. PDF-XChange Viewer allows user to add 40/128 bit RC4 or 128/256 bit AES encryption, as well the PRO version offers Digital Signature support to ensure Document & Content Authenticity.

Video : PDF X-Change Viewer

How to download PDF-XChange Viewer ?

The program is widely available around. You only need to type down the name on the search bar and you can find many websites that provide it. Follow the instructions given or click the download link available. The program may be directly downloaded to your computer. What you need to do next is installing it by opening the application file. Continue it by clicking “Next” buttons until it is finished. Make sure to click the “Agree” button on the Terms and Conditions page.