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Google Forms for Windows

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Latest Version Google Forms for Windows (Latets)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Google Inc

If you want to be more productive and efficient with your office tasks, using Google Forms for Windows is a must, especially because almost everyone has a Google account nowadays. Google Forms app is available for various platforms, after all.

What are Google Forms?

Google Forms app is developed and released by Google for making surveys and hosted on the cloud. The original purpose of this app development is to enable users from various backgrounds to create web-based surveys and forms that can be easily distributed online. It can be edited in a collaborative environment and more importantly, it can be used for gathering data in real-time.

Google Forms for windows
Google Forms for windows

The data will be saved in the cloud and you can access it via the app alone and share it not only in data forms but also in visual forms with other apps in the Google Workspace products, including Google Sheets, Slides, Doc Editor, etc. you can also create specialized forms and even quizzes with Google Forms download for Windows that will be great for marketing and education.

Google Forms Features

Google Forms was released a decade ago, so there is no doubt that you can find so many upgrades for this app since its first appearance on the market. It means that you can find more useful features that can help you be more efficient.

You can be much more productive with this app because you can create surveys, promotional forms, questionnaires, and educational presentations. With this app, you can create random questions and set one answer limit per question.

This app also allows you to use custom themes and upload additional files when someone is answering surveys. Further features can be found on this app, including menu search, third-party add-ons support, and URL shortening service. Form creation can be much faster because Google Forms also comes with a built-in AI service that will give you suggestions for answers or questions.

Creating a survey or form can be super easy with Google Forms but it becomes much more helpful because the app also allows you to track incoming answers with the available full-management solution. The app will give you a complete overview of the data.

Notifications can be set in real-time or scheduled. Email addresses from the respondents can be gathered, as well. Exporting data to other apps from the Google Workspace suite must be super easy with built-in tools on this app.

More importantly, Google Forms free download is always available for users who have active Google accounts.