MSI Kombustor
MSI Kombustor

MSI Kombustor for Windows

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Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product MSI

MSI Kombustor for Windows is great benchmarking software that functions to check the very restrictions of your graphics card. It can also provide you with respected insights related to the state of your GPU regarding the top capabilities and other statistics.

This app is usually used by regular Windows PC users and enthusiastic gamers. Currently, MSI Kombustor is also used by developers of video games who require optimizing their real-time rendering programs for a variety of GPU power levels.

MSI Kombustor for Windows
MSI Kombustor for Windows

This benchmark will support the users to see the levels of the actual performance of the installed GPU card. It is shown with scores which could be compared with other GPUs. Or else, it is also possibly compared with another overclocking level of the identical GPU.


In contrast, the burn-in assessment is an extended test in which your GPU could be tasked to reduce some difficult workload. It is also needed to preserve the demanding load to show that it can perform at the peak level as long as the users want.

As users, you can leave your GPU to do burn-in tests wherever between an hour and the whole day in order to test the GPU card quality and the overclocking settings. Moreover, MSI Kombustor also provides thin support for LED controller.

Its support is aimed at managing the lighting which is assembled into your GPU card of MSI models. The illumination levels are applicable to be tied to the use of GPU and temperature of the GPU. They can also be set to automatically beat in some of the accessible preset modes.

Next, we talk about MSI Kombustor free Download, installation and use. Actually, Kombustor is a small-sized application which is available to download and install to your Windows computers. So, the quick installation can be done by just following the on-screen guidelines.

The GPU card, motherboard, and/ or the hardware of the power delivery of your PC might be working hard while the benchmark and burn-in process are running. Therefore, you’d better to stop all excessive background processes when working with MSI Kombustor for the sake of accurate results.

To sum up, as a precise GPU benchmarking device, MSI Kombustor is supportive to an inclusive variation of rendering APIs. It is also a light application that is easy to operate. If you want MSI Kombustor Download, make sure that your Windows versions are in the modern versions (8, 10, or the newer ones).|

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