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Core Temp

Core Temp for Windows

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Latest Version Core Temp for Windows (Version 1.17)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Arthur Liberman

What is Core Temp for Windows? How do you use it for your PC? To answer those questions, let us check this reading for better understanding.

Your computer may be too hot while you work with it. It may spontaneously shut down or suddenly lock up. It also acts sluggish during intense assignments and experience overheating.

Core Temp for Windows

You have to keep your computer temperature while using it. This thing is crucial to avoid overclocking your computer.


If this happens to your PC, you need Core Temp. It is one of the best apps to check a computer temperature.

Although there are some similar apps, users mostly pick this one for checking PC temperature. It offers some benefits that make it leading to others.

It is easy and simple for you to install this app. Moreover, you can enjoy several free programs that exist in this software. Your computer will be easy to recognize the program and check its temperature.

Core Temp is not only the simplest app but also the fastest software to work on the computer. However, you have to be mindful while you install it.

Core Temp for Windows
Core Temp

Core Temp has a unique way to operate it. It displays the temperature of every single core in each processor. So, you will not find it in other apps.

It allows you to see the temperature changes in real-time with ranging workloads. Additionally, this app is motherboard agnostic. So, it will not rely on that for operating.

Enjoy an advantage by providing you with a digital sensor. The system will not rely on an external circuit located on the motherboard. So, it can report temperature fast.

You will find that Core Temp provides you with a compact and small footprint system. It has no fuss while working. Besides, it has a powerful program to control your processor temperature.

You can find other vital information in this app. Try this app as it is easy for you to use it. Experience a high customization and expandability level too.

It will be a great app for your PC. The app supports most AMD processors. Furthermore, it supports multiple Intel processors.

Find Core Temp Free Download and enjoy it. Better not compare it to LeapDroid for Windows because it has a different function.

The software can read the temperature accurately. It collects the data directly from a Digital Thermal Sensor or DTS. This one becomes the hottest part of your PC because of its location.