CPU-Z Portable for Windows

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Free Download ( 3.16 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version CPU-Z Portable for Windows (Version 2.00)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product CPUID

If you want to install CPU Z, you can move to install CPU-Z Portable for Windows. The functions of this software are the same as CPU Z for your computer. What makes you download and install this software to your computer?

What Is CPU-Z Portable for Windows?

CPU-Z Portable for Windows is a kind of software that you can install on your computer. It gives you information details about a processor name, vendor, process, main steps, processor package, internal and external hours, double hours, and partial overlock detection. Furthermore, it supports the supporting instruction sets. The functions of this CPU-Z Portable download for Windows are the same as the version of CPU Z.

CPU-Z for Windows
CPU-Z for Windows

This software supports the detection of the main processor core, width, and memory time setting. It includes latency CAS, RAS to Cas, and Ras Precharge for memory time. This CPU Z portable is a kind of freeware gaining information about the main device for your Windows system. It is a comparison software for your computer Windows.

The Importance of CPU-Z Portable download for Windows

CPU-Z Portable download for Windows is a free and small program showing all essential information details about system components belonging to some parts. This program displays the information details and tabs such as CPU data, memory, operating system, cache, and board. If you want to know essential information about your personal computer to fix or improve the performance, this software application can help you to access it.

CPU Z portable is not paired because it opens when you run it. It contains all the data from your computer. From the part of the CPU, you can check information of your processor including technical specification, speed, and pressure. You can check motherboard version information, manufacturer, BIOS version, graphic card, memory brand, Windows, and DirectX. It is supporting software for stealing your computer information.

How to Install CPU-Z Portable download for Windows

It is a portable software application making it easy to use it. Because it is portable, you don’t know how to fully install it. You can download it from the trusted link. Make sure that the link contains the latest version. After that, click it for downloading until it is completed. Then, you pair it to the computer when you want to use it for revealing computer information details. You don’t need to install it on your computer. Those are some things about CPU-Z Portable free download that you know before using it.|