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Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product FurMark

Furmark for Windows is an app to check the VGA card. It is considered better than some other programs as it lets us know the temp with a full load up to 99%. With such a load, it is easier for you to know the quality of your VGA card. Furmark can also be used to check 2 cards at once. Some actions are possible with the app such as to crossfire or SLI the VGA card.

Using Funmark is also very easy only in some steps. Interestingly, it really works without further problems such as lagging or even stopping working. So, here are some steps to use the app.

FurMark for Windows
FurMark for Windows

Table of Contents


Installing and Opening the App

After downloading the app, make sure to install it by double-clicking the icon on the desktop. A window appears and you can click every next button on it. End it by clicking the Finish button. If you are sure that the app has been installed well, open it by double-clicking the icon available.

Burn-in Test

After the app has been opened, check the Temp Idle first and choose the option Burn-in Test. It is suggested to choose the left Burn-in Test symbol particularly if the monitor screen has a low resolution. Besides, it is important also to checklist or unchecklist on the fullscreen option.

Choose the Resolution

You can choose any resolution of the Funmark download you want. However, it is recommended to use the 1920 resolution as it is the most suitable one for our desktop screen. But for newly released computers, such a resolution is considered too small and not really clear. So, just choose the bigger one. After all the things have been ready, click Burn-in Test. Automatically, the desktop appearance changes.

Check the Temperature

Now, you can check the temperature. If in 1 or 2 seconds, the temperature is increased up to 90 degrees of Celsius or more, it seems you need to stop it by pressing Ecs on the keyboard. This step is to prevent overheating on the computer.

If you feel it is still very thermal, continue to stop the process of Funmark free download. Then, turn off the computer and check the VGA paste. If it is too dry or it looks not good, you should take it out and place it again to the slot well. Next, repeat the process. Of course, if the computer is no longer overheating, it means the use of Funmark for Windows is successful.|