MSI Command Center
MSI Command Center

MSI Command Center for Windows

- Freeware
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Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product MSI

Are you a gamer? Then you need MSI Command Center for Windows. When your computer is running heavy programs such as game or design software, it may overheat and slow down. But this application can help reduce the load on your PC. Check it out!

An Introduction to MSI Command Center

You must be familiar with the control center on your computer. This is where you can monitor how your hardware and software are running. However, this is sometimes not enough to manage your computer. It can still slow down significantly while loading heavy apps.

MSI Command Center for Windows
MSI Command Center for Windows

If this happens to you, you should get MSI Command Center download on your PC. This free app allows you to monitor and manage the performance of your CPU. This way, you have a better overview of your computer’s health and can keep it in good condition.

For gamers, this is another must-have app. In particular, if you’re an avid gamer who likes modding and playing for hours. Then, you need to get MSI Command Center to keep your gaming laptop going strong, as well as Horizon Xbox for Windows to make modding more convenient.

Benefits of MSI Command Center

  • Component Monitoring: This is the main function of this program. The main selling point of MSI Command Center is its ability to gain greater control of your system. This app is even more effective than the BIOS in monitoring and adjusting the processes run by your computer.
  • Game Boost: The main feature MSI Command Center for Windows offers for gamers, it has 8 stages for overclocking your computer. The interface of Game Boost is very simple. There’s the main button to alternate between hardware and software controls.
  • CPU Control: Arrange various settings related to your CPU. For example, CPU ratio, base clock, frequency, voltage, and fan. The CPU fan enables you to control fan speed yourself in manual mode or use the smart mode, which automatically adjusts to the ideal setting.
  • DRAM Frequency: By clicking the DRAM control panel, you can adjust DRAM frequency, ratio, clock, and voltage to the levels that are optimal for your computer performance. The app notifies you if a value is considered dangerous.
  • IGP Frequency & GT Voltage: Lastly, you can manage settings related to the IGP as well as GT voltage. These features by MSI Command Center for Windows are very useful to maintain your computer in prime condition.|