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Remix OS for Windows

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Latest Version Remix OS for Windows (Version 3.0.207)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Remix OS

Remix OS for Windows is simply an Android (based) operating system (which we usually know on smartphones and tablets) which is installed/installed on a laptop/notebook, netbook, PC, or commonly known as an ordinary computer. So, your computer can access almost 3 million android applications.

Remix OS for Windows

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The Strengths of Remix OS

  • Easy-to-Understand System

For Windows users, of course, it is impossible to have difficulty using Remix OS. Just imagine that Remix OS is like a simpler version of Windows, not as complicated as Windows in general.

  • Open Source

The next advantage of this operating system is that it is open source. Which allows other developers to develop this operating system into a better custom version.

  • More Smooth and Light

Compare Remix OS with android emulator applications that run on Windows systems. Certainly heavier users who require a Windows system. CPU performance will be shared for Windows and its emulator applications. Meanwhile, Remix OS uses all CPU performance. Does not split into Windows. So it can be lighter and smoother in use.

  • Memory Cleaner

Remix OS is supported by a memory cleaner feature. This feature helps not to hang/lag easily. This feature makes it possible to turn off all open applications so that PC / laptop performance can return to normal.

  • Optimal Performance

With the base Android-x86, of course, this based OS runs smoothly on the architecture used by the majority of laptops / PCs today. Even compared to flagship phones, the performance of this OS is way above it, of course, because PCs are designed for higher computing tasks than mobile devices.

Remix OS for PC

For some users who pay attention to software licenses and are reluctant to use pirated operating systems, Remix OS might be a choice. With application support in the Android environment that is so broad, it feels like standard computing tasks that are usually carried out by PCs with Windows OS can be completed smoothly without worrying about applications not being available. Remix OS is developed completely free to download, install, and periodic updates which are also free.

Remix OS Required Specifications

Before installing, it’s better to know whether the user’s computer supports Remix OS or not. On the Jide website, the minimum recommended specifications are a 2 GHz dual-core processor, 2Gb RAM, 8GB HDD capacity, and of course an internet connection.

In many cases, some computers cannot run Remix OS, this can be seen in many things. One of them is not Intel Family or uses dual VGA. Currently, Remix OS can be easily installed without a hitch on the Intel Family PC.

So, are you interested in trying it? With a series of advantages and a perfect blend of Android and PC that Remix OS offers, get the Remix OS free download now