Baidu PC Faster
Baidu PC Faster

Baidu PC Faster

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Free Download ( 1.53 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version Baidu PC Faster (Version 5.1)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Baidu

Baidu PC Faster will keep your personal computer still running well. With the optimized button and one simple touch, this tool can clean and delete spam files, manage startup items, and fix some problems related to the system. Those are to increase your computer speed and restore a hard disk space.

Baidu PC Faster is the easiest way to make your personal computer longer and run quickly. It is helpful to make the disk space empty. Though it is empty, it stays safe to use. It is the best choice of millions of users all over the world.

Baidu PC Faster for windows
Baidu PC Faster for windows

The Features of Baidu PC Faster

When you want to install Baidu PC Faster free download, you should know some features of this browser to convince your decision. What are the features that you can use?


Cloud Scan

It has a feature of Cloud Scan in which it has been certified by an acknowledged antivirus organization. It includes VB100 and tick signs. The company of Baidu feels proud of being a member of an active protection program in Microsoft to help and ensure that the application users always get protected from the latest security risks.

A complete version of Baidu PC Faster is fully free without a hidden payment or a border feature. This program is fully compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows XP. It always keeps providing a new update.

Baidu PC Faster for windows
Baidu PC Faster for windows

Features and Highlights

There will be more some features of Baidu PC Faster Free Download that you can use.

  • Deep Cleaning Technology

You can make your personal computer work as a new program with four cleaning mode processes. It also offers more than 300 cleanliness cleaning posts. Overall, it is a complete personal computer cleaning solution.

  • Speed Up System

You can update a database process continuously to give you a complete acceleration through speedup functions and faster now. You will always get the desired and needy speed to your browser system.

  • Acceleration Solution

Smart technology offers a personalized and smart acceleration to the game fans. With an automatic mode of Game Faster, and hardcore gamer in which you can control the full system with a special setting.

  • One-Stop Store for Trusted PC Application

Baidu PC Faster is a big collection for free software and application stores for personal computers. It becomes the most comfortable way to find great titles and help you to manage applications with an update and installation of the software easily.