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Avira Password Manager

Avira Password Manager

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Operating System Web Apps
Requirements Android Ice Cream Sandwich or Later
Author / Product Avira Operations

Avira Password Manager is one of the password manager providers on the market. It helps you to log in safely. What makes this product stand out is its simplicity compared to other platforms that provide password management solutions.


This product has a straightforward interface – anyone can operate it easily. Syncing through the cloud can be done easily without paying for subscriptions at all. This point is one step ahead of its rivals.
This password manager also comes with proper evaluations of new passwords’ strength. However, further actions are only available to paying users.

Browser Extensions and Apps

You can use this password manager solution on apps and browsers too. However, today you can only use the software on Opera, Chrome, and Firefox. Avira can automatically log you in or you can manually enter the password by selecting a series of options provided by Avira.


This password manager can also be used on iOS and Android phones. It even comes in a more complete version. Some features are available on the smartphone’s version while nothing on the desktop.

Avira Password Manager

Fingerprint login is supported as long as the device allows it to.

Things you would love from Avira Password Manager

You would love this product for the features offered. It allows users to log in automatically without giving away the secureness. Synchronization is available for unlimited devices.

Avira also comes with strong account security that will never let you down. When you use it on your smartphone or other mobile devices, the authentication process proceeds through its built-in authenticator.

Once you’ve purchased the Avira Password Manager, you can use the 14-day money-back guarantee in case you are not happy with how it works.

Things you won’t like about Avira Password Manager

However, a few points may increase your awareness of this product. The storage is only available for passwords. You can enjoy the core features buy you have to pay for that. The free version doesn’t come with essential features.

Of course, you can upgrade your account. Still, it comes with a set of prices which is not a low-cost option.


The password manager solutions provided by Avira is designed for those who look for safe logins. Everything seems quite basic but it’s quite strong when it comes to its security.

You would love to use the app on your phone since it supports fingerprint login and allows you to log in automatically as well. Check out the Avira Password Manager free Download and give this product a shot.

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