Twitter for Windows

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Latest Version Twitter for Windows (Version 6.1.4)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 10 32 / Windows 10 64
Author / Product Twitter Inc

Twitter for Windows is a popular social media platform where people can post their opinion about literally anything. Unlike Instagram, Twitter posts, or they use the term “tweet”, is mostly texts, although there is an option to attach an image, video, or GIFs.

This social media platform is gaining fame for its algorithm to show what topic is currently trending. And obviously, people could openly discuss and share information. Just like many other social media platforms, Twitter allows people to follow their friends, acquaintances, celebrities, public figures, and even brands.

Twitter for Windows
Twitter for Windows

How to access Twitter?

Twitter came in mobile app form which is widely used across the globe. This platform came in an easy and understandable interface that you can touch easily on your phone screen. Twitter is also accessible through the website. And now, Twitter is launching Twitter for Windows.


How does it look on Windows?

Twitter for Windows 10, specifically, is winning in terms of readability compared to when you open Twitter through Firefox or Chrome. Although, their interface is quite similar, with a slight difference. It is much more comfortable if you are using your touch-screen laptop than a touchpad or mouse.

This Twitter for PC came with Home, Explore, Notification, and Message tabs where you can alternate between. Next to those tabs, you can also find a Search panel and your account. And the most important thing is you can tweet on this platform with more than 280 characters. This is an improvement from the mobile version. But it came with a limit on how many tweets you can post a day. You will be safe if you do not intend on tweeting for more than one thousand tweets a day.

The only downside is you can only log into one account on this app. This would be inconvenient for people who have multiple accounts.

Novel feature update

Aside from the fact that Twitter for Windows is new, there are some other new features. Just like Instagram and Snapchat, now you can post a tweet that is gone after 24 hours. This feature is shown on top of your timeline.

Instead of calling this “story”, Twitter named it Fleets. It is pretty similar to Instagram’s story where you can post photos, videos, and texts. Your follower can click on your Fleets to see what you’re posting. While also reply and react through Direct Message as well as seeing who viewed your Fleets. You can enjoy this feature immediately after you install Twitter for Windows.