Silverlight for Mac

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Latest Version Silverlight for Mac (Version 5.1.50901.0)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Leopard or Later
Author / Product Microsoft Corporation

Take advantage of Silverlight for Mac. It is a robust development tool for Web and mobile apps. It is helpful to create an engaging and interactive experience for users.

Controlled by the .NET framework, the app offers you a plug-in free. It shares a different function with Kodi for Mac.

Moreover, it fits with several devices, web browsers, and operating systems. By using this app, you can experience interactivity to the new level wherever your Web runs.


Created by Microsoft, Silverlight is compatible with Mac. Its browser has a free plug-in available for all browsers and platforms. So, Download Silverlight for Mac now.

Silverlight Latest
Silverlight Latest

Features and highlights of Silverlight

  • IIS Smooth Streaming

This one is its best feature. It allows users to deliver streams with a high definition. It has a smooth playback on any device that runs it.

  • PivotViewer

Enjoy another highlight of this app. Through PivotViewer, you can interact easier with large amounts of data provided on the web.

It presents you with fun, powerful, and informative. It can visualize numerous related items at the same time.

  • SketchFlow

This feature is included in Expression Studio Ultimate. It is useful in transforming its speed as well as its efficiency.

SketchFlow offers you a great function. It enables you to display an image for your app.

  • Deep Zoom

It presents you with the smoothest and fastest zooming technology. So, you can enjoy the highest frame rates and resolution images.

Silverlight for Mac

  • Pixel Shader

This feature involves you with a blur as well as a drop shadow. It becomes the effect of this software-based.

You can apply it to any graphics content and animation. Besides, you can personalize your effect too.

  • New Controls

Experience around 60 exceptional controls. It provides you with customizable, completely skinnable, and high-quality service. It is beneficial for new design containers or charting and media.

  • Extended Media Format

This feature works with the latest pipeline from Raw AV. It can support various codecs from a third party easily. Additionally, it can decode both audio and video out of the runtime.

  • Perspective 3D Graphics

Developers and designers commonly use it. They apply it for creating content for a 3D plane. It allows them to rotate or even scale their live content without creating additional codes.

  • Styling and Skinning

With this feature, it is easy to design graphics. Then, it allows users to customize the controls. You can use templates with XAML based on each of your works.