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Not being able to access the Play Store through Chrome can be very annoying. But, it shouldn’t be an issue anymore, thanks to Google Play Chrome Extension. Find out more about how this free and functional app can be a great tool added to your device here.

About Google Play Chrome Extension

Since its first public launch in 2010, Google Play has become one of the most used extensions for users of Google Chrome. Being developed with quick access to the Play Store in mind, Chrome users will find it easier to use the tool right in the browser. As the name suggests, this extension is also developed to be used optimally on the Chrome browser.


Google Play Chrome extension free download will make it possible for you to download loads of content simply by using a few clicks, thanks to the clean and simple interface of the extension. With the software, you can easily access a large option of music, books, movies, magazines, TV, and more. Here manual typing on the URL is unnecessary.


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Instead, you can use the bookmark icon available in Google Play. The tool allows you to get to the main storefront page of the website. Not only offering practicality and quick access, but Google Play also enables you to monitor all the apps on your device and manage them. These include lists of apps you have downloaded before.

When using the Google Play app, you can manage your online wallets easily. It is also possible to add gift cards to your account by using the app. Furthermore, Google Play also allows you to make payments while buying premium apps as well as additional information regarding your credit/ debit card.

All Apps in One Place

Google Play Chrome extension also allows you to download all apps you can find in the Play Store. In addition, the app will also sync all data between devices. As a result, you can have both hassle-free usage and quick access to the apps. If you are a book lover, Google Play will also make it possible for you to use a larger screen to read several reviews conveniently before downloading.

Access to Loads of Content

Another great reason to use Google Play Chrome extension download is that the tool can serve as a one-stop shop for entertainment. Once you’ve installed the app, you can access the official Google Play Store and download your favorite content from multiple devices at a time. In this way, you can enjoy content anytime you want and from anywhere.