Kodi for Mac
Kodi for Mac

Kodi for Mac

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Free Download ( 92.1 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version Kodi for Mac (Version 19.0)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Mavericks or Later
Author / Product XBMC Foundation

After you learn about Silverlight for Mac, it is time for Kodi for Mac. It was known previously as XBMC. This software provides users with open-source or GPL for media players as well as entertainment hubs.

Apart from using it for Mac, you can install it for Linux, Windows, Android. It has a user interface feature of a 10-foot. It enables you to apply it for televisions and any remote controls.

It allows you to play music, podcasts, videos, and other media files from your digital album. You can access it from storage media or the internet.

Kodi for Mac


Its Features and its highlights

  • Music

Kodi for Mac is suitable for all your music players. You can play it in any media format type, such as mp3, wav, wma, and flac. Its cue sheet and smart playlists enable you to take control of the music collections.

  • Movies

You can also apply this to movies. It supports all of the video formats that let you use it for online media streaming. This app is a beneficial tool to browse, import, and play movie collections.

  • TVShows

Its TVShow library offers you banners or posters, show descriptions, actors, and watched tags. It is helpful to support the episodes and seasons views. So, you can keep your progress on track.

  • Pictures

The feature lets users import pictures to a library. Then, you can start, browse, sort, or filter all of them with your remote control.

  • PVR

It also lets you watch and record the live TV provided from the GUI interface. This app can work with multiple popular backends. You can use it for NextPVR, MythTV, MediaPortal, Tvheadend, etc.

  • Add-Ons

Its Add-Ons feature becomes the app’s real power. You can enjoy its vast selection available from containers. Find the Add-Ons used for popular web applications, services, and scripts.

  • Web Interfaces

It allows you to mix the app using a remote interface with JSON-RPC-based. Thus, it lets you apply the app to the following stage.

  • UpnP

This feature becomes its great part. It lets you stream whether to or from other apps. Thus, you can play it easily with other compatible devices at home.

Remote Controls

Kodi supports you with various remote controls. It is also compatible with CEC TVs, whether for smartphones or Tablets. Hence, you can control the media as your preference.

Therefore, Download Kodi for Mac and experience it by yourself. It is useful for your Mac.