Serato DJ Pro
Serato DJ Pro

Serato DJ Pro for Windows

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Latest Version Serato DJ Pro for Windows (Version 2.5.5)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Serato

If you are looking for software for a professional DJ, Serato DJ Pro for Windows might be your choice since it won an award for digital DJ software. Here are some good things that you can get from this software.

A Professional DJ Software

If you are a professional DJ who is looking for professional software for DJing, you will find that Serato DJ Pro for Windows can be a perfect software for you. Every professional DJ will have a high demand and this software can meet with its performance and features. You can shape the sound you want by loading, adjusting, and customizing it using this software.

Serato DJ Pro
Serato DJ Pro

Beatgrids Smart Sync

You can take your time for your creative process since this software comes with Beatgrids Smart Sync. There is no pressure to keep things in a time when you use this software for mixing. You can create your blends of vocals, instrumentals, and tracks freely with this software. This might be a reason why you need this software even though it is not as popular as Turbo VPN.


Virtual Decks

A professional DJ has to make sure that everything is monitored. In this circumstance, you can check any important information about the track easily since it is displayed on the virtual decks. You can access that information when scratching.

Waveforms in Colors

Your track can be seen virtually since this software comes with EQ waveforms that have their unique colors. Bass is in red, treble is in blue, and mid-range is in green. This way, you will not mid any bass drop or the incoming vocal. The track can be kept in the time since there is a simple display of beat matching located next to the waveforms.

Full Support for DVS

You can experience the real feel of DJing since this software comes with full support for DVS. You can use the standard setup of the clubs that use Serato Control CDs or Vinyl. If you love turntables, you can keep a tight routine since you can get the sticker lock as its unique feature.

Recording and SF6

You can record a full set of music in formats that can be customized and of high quality. You can also use the SP6 sample player with this software.

Support for MIDI Device

You can feel free to connect the MIDI device when using this software since it can support any MIDI device. It can be great anytime you want to improve productivity or personalize the performance.


Last but not least, Serato DJ Pro free Download will give you a powerful DJ FX with the support from iZotope.