TaskbarX for Windows

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Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 10 32 or Later
Author / Product Chris Andriessen

If you’re sick of the default taskbar on Windows 10 or 11. You can use TaskbarX for Windows, an open-source tool created by Chris Andriessen that lets you customize the Windows Taskbar.

The traditional Windows dock that TaskbarX provides places your app icons in the center or in any other position you choose. It also lets you change the startup delay, taskbar icon positions, and animations in the taskbar.

It can be used with either the vertical taskbar or the standard bottom taskbar. Additionally, it permits unrestricted taskbars.

TaskbarX for Windows
TaskbarX for Windows

TaskbarX For Windows Overview

TaskbarX is a free and open source utility tool that is used to customize your desktop taskbar. This tool is a portable application that replicates the look and feel of the original Windows dock by giving you control over where your taskbar icons are placed.
TaskbarX moves the icons to the center of the screen when it is launched after being unpacked or to a position set by the user in the event that a taskbar icon is either added or removed..

You will be given the option to alter the speeds of a number of different animations. If you prefer an instantaneous move and don’t like the animations, you can disable them.
TaskbarX will also let you change where the center of the bar is, moving your icons to the left or right depending on where the center of the bar is.

At the moment, all taskbar settings, including unlimited taskbar and vertical taskbar, are supported. The taskbar icon alignment control option TaskbarX has a simple interface that is easy to use.

TaskbarX download for Windows

TaskbarX for Windows can be downloaded from Chris Andriessen’s website. A prominent link will lead you to the app’s Microsoft Store version. However, the Microsoft Store installation will cost you money.

Choose the Portable Zip file instead if you’d rather use the free version, which can be found further down the page.

So, here is the quick steps :

  • Launch TaskbarX Configurator.exe after extracting all of the files to a folder on your computer after this has been downloaded.
  • Windows might display a security alert for you. To continue, simply select Run in any case. It is safe to use the file.
  • You can begin configuring TaskbarX for your system as soon as the Configurator launches.
FAQ’S About TaskbarX For Windows

How can TaskbarX be used in Windows 11?

Do you want to install Windows 11, but you prefer Windows 10’s taskbar? Then you actually have the option of patching Windows 11 Explorer to restore the previous taskbar. In Windows 11, this will restore TaskbarX’s functionality. Go to ExplorerPatcher.com.

How can I remove TaskbarX?

Click the “Stop TaskbarX” button after opening the “TaskbarX Configurator. “After this stops the TaskbarX process, your icons will move back to the left. After that, you can simply delete the files from where TaskbarX was installed.

That’s all about TaskbarX free download. Hopefully this article is helpful.