Project IGI
Project IGI

Project IGI for Windows

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Latest Version Project IGI for Windows (Latest)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Interloop Studios

Project IGI for Windows is a Firsts Person Shooter (FPS) Game software developed by Interloper Studios and Eidos Interactive. The game is not new and it must be familiar enough in the realm of gamers. Yes, it was firstly published in 2001. Meanwhile, IGI, as the name of the game stands for I’m Going In. It is very unique, isn’t it?

In the 2000s, the game was considered very sophisticated with realistic visuals and audio. It even brings a new standard as there are some technical solutions and innovations applied. One of them is the implementation of the game engine. But of course, critics are also there as the game also provides the multiplayer feature.

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More Developments

Of course, along with the development of technology, there are so many other games that come out as the competitors of Project IGI. They came with new features and a fresh storyline. But a good thing about Project IGI is that it has been labeled as a cult game. So, no matter how sophisticated other games are, they almost always compare with Project IGI.

Besides, Project IGI download also puts efforts to improve their quality as an answer to challenges from the competitors. That’s why the latest versions of the game are much better with more features added.

Project IGI for Windows
Project IGI for Windows


You must agree that the storyline tends to make the game more interesting to play. The game story focuses on a military officer, David Jones doing 12 missions in a single player. David must fight against Russian troops who try to stop him from finding the lost bullet head.

The game setting is an open world with a stunning rendering visual. Even the details are also incredible. You can watch realistic open nature like the jungle or hills. Besides, when Jones enters the city, the landscape is astonishing also.

Using Keyboards and Mouse

The game has been optimized so that you can use the keyboard and mouse easily. So, save your money as the game doesn’t require a gamepad. It also has been compatible with newer Windows OS.

Project IG free download became one of the classic games with many players until now. People love it because it is classic and iconic for sure. But more than that, the game is worth playing because it is indeed really fun. You can enjoy fascinating adventures in high-quality graphics. To get the game, download it for free from the following link.|