Baldis Basics
Baldis Basics

Baldis Basics for Windows

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Latest Version Baldis Basics for Windows (Version 1.4.3)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Basically Games

Baldis Basics for Windows is a good game for horror fans. It assists them to increase mathematical skills by playing this game. They will love a game of Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning. Why do they love it? Try to reveal it.

What Is Baldis Basics ?

Many fun games are recommended to play for everyone. One of the games is Baldis Basics download for Windows. It is an available unique game for your Android and Windows operating systems. This game uses an old graphic design to make a retro horror background where the users can increase their mathematics skills. If you remember a standard Windows educational game in the 90s, you will love it. It gives honor to the 90s classic game on Windows. However, you will see horror elements.


The Purpose of Baldis Basics for PC

The goal of this game is to prevent an evil teacher namely Baldi and his friends. You can avoid it by taking some notebooks and completing some mathematics tasks. After you get out of school successfully by answering sufficient questions, you will win this game.

Screenshots and Features of Baldis Basics

Baldis Basics for Windows
Baldis Basics for Windows

What Makes Baldis Basics Educating?

Baldis Basics is an educational game. You can play a game and complete math exercises. Can you mention the other games involving math elements?


You can do math exercises for fun. Baldis Basics in Education and Learning is an original game. It belongs to the plot story with challenging details to complete the game. You can try to prevent your characters from being trapped by Baldi when you get out of school. You must prevent his attention if it is possible. The best way to do this is by answering mathematical exercises correctly. If you are wrong, it will make Baldi mad and cause the escape to be blocked and difficult to reach.

Many Characters

It reached the second rank in Meta Game in 2018. It has reached one million downloads. It collected more than $60.000 in Kickstarter to fund a complete game. Baldis Basics game helps the users to increase their mathematical and spelling skills. It creates a fun and unique learning environment for kids. It will make them learn their skills alone. The characters in this game must find seven different notes hidden in the school. When the character searches the book, he must prevent another character and challenges related to Baldi. The purpose of Baldis Basics free download is to slow the development of the main character. To get out of the school, the main character must understand the personality and actions of Baldi’s crew.|

Baldis Basics 32-bit / Version 1.4 3. (Size:42.39 MB)