PCSX2 for Windows

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Latest Version PCSX2 for Windows (Version 1.6.0)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows Vista 32 or Later
Author / Product PCSX2 Team

PCSX2 for Windows is a kind of open-source emulator software for PC to improve the use of PS2 on your computer. Based on many reviews, this emulator is indeed recommended and considered the best and the most stable one. The software itself is not a new thing as it even has been developed since 2001. Until now, it has been upgraded to improve performance.

Of course, before deciding to download this free app, you must know the features it has. So, here they are.

PCSX2 for Windows
PCSX2 for Windows

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Picture Resolution Customization

Different from PS2 which had an original resolution of 480p, PCSX2 download for PC can run a game with a higher resolution up to 4096x4096p. Sure, it is with a note that the PC and monitor can support it properly. This way, you can set up the graphic resolution as you want before playing the game. It is such an improvement for your gaming experience.

  • Saving More Game Files

Previously, you may find it confusing to save numerous game files. Well, memory cards commonly have a limited storage capacity. But with this app, you should not worry about this problem anymore. PCSX2 utilizes the hard disk capacity as the storage media. With the bigger HD capacity, there are more files to save.

  • Cheat the Game

What is the next benefit and feature of the PCSX2 download for Windows? Okay, playing the game fairly is a good thing but sometimes, you may just want to cheat. Unfortunately, it is probably quite difficult to do when you only use PS2. Meanwhile, as an extended app, PCSX2 enables you to chat the game more easily. The app has a plugin that enables you to submit your own Gameshark.

  • Using Various Types of Gamepad

Generally, you don’t need to use a controller to play games via PCSX2. Yes, you can directly use a gamepad as long as it has a USB or Bluetooth connector. What if you don’t have a gamepad? Of course, you can still play using a mouse and keyboard although it may be less comfortable.

Setting up the Game Speed

Sometimes, in a game, there is a scene that cannot be skipped. It is more annoying when you must repeat particular scenes multiple times just because you are lost. So, rather than wasting your time on the scene, you can fasten up or slow down it using the feature on PCSX2 free download. Besides, recording a game you play is no longer difficult mainly if you want to insert it into your blog.