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- 480 MB - Demo
Prezi for Windows offers a full premium class feature software that you can get for free. This software changes the way you present your...
- 220 MB - Open Source
Whether you're an independent 3D animator or the owner of a big animation studio, you will always want everything to work smoothly and efficiently....
- 106 MB - Open Source
Scribus for Mac is free software you can use for crafting of interactive elements, typesetting, setting up layouts, and editing documents. This software can...
- 14.9 MB - Freeware
Nowadays, high-quality images are important, especially since people love to share those images with other people. Visual impact is everything. That is why you...
- 115 MB - Freeware
GitHub Desktop for Mac is one of the largest online storehouses in the world for collaborative works. With this platform, you can work together...
- 24.2 MB - Open Source
Also referred to as LCAD, LibreCAD for Mac is an open-source computer-aided design program that is a free alternative to similar paid services. The...
ZenMate VPN
- 40.05 MB - Trial
ZenMate VPN for desktop is a recommended option for those of you who look for a secure VPN. For your information, not all VPN...
- 251 MB - Freeware
Eclipse for Mac is an IDE or Integrated Development Environment. It provides the platform used for computer programming. It also provides the programming environment...
DeSmuME for Windows
- 14.34 MB - Open Source
DeSmuME for Mac is a Nintendo DS emulator, meaning that it is a program to emulate Nintendo DS console games. Just like ePSXe that...
WD Security
- 28 MB - Freeware
If you want to protect your Western Digital drives on your Mac, you need WD Security for Mac. WD Security allows you to create...